01: Company Mission

For more than 45 years, Eventex has been providing audio visual equipment and services for corporate events of any size. From small meetings to large corporate retreats, seminars, and trade shows, we provide state of the art lighting, video, audio, projection, recording, and much more.

If you need to be seen and heard, both live on the stage and in post-production video, we’re the company to call.

Our clientele skews largely corporate, but we’ve also established a reputation for upscale private events as well, both local and national. If you want the best, Eventex is ready to help.

02: Our History


Founded by Lindsey and Mark Zirkel. Registered business in NJ, NY, TX, CA, and FL.

03: Message from CEO


Serviced the first 1000+ person event.

03: Message from CEO


Branched into exposition services.

03: Message from CEO


Successfully completed our 500th event.

03: Message from CEO


Successfully completed our 1000th event.

03: Message from CEO

Lindsey Zirkel


Growing up within the events industry I have developed a real passion for what I do.  I love helping my clients go from an idea to seeing that idea come to life.  The most rewarding part of this job is having my clients go from clients to friends.  Building decades-long relationships that will last well beyond my career.